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Tech Needs Analysis Survey
RUP Link
Educational Tech Influencers in LAUSD
Ed Tech Influencers
Data Basics
Qualitative, Quantitative, and Data Uses


Responsible Use Policy Overview (Slideshow to the left)

     On the left-hand side and below the Tech Needs Analysis Survey is a brief overview of the Responsible Use Policy and what teachers and families need to know. It defines distance education, where to find the RUP, a policy summary, a view on implementation, and protecting students' data. 


Teaching the RUP Policy (Slideshow below)

     Below is a slideshow that goes over each RUP policy. Teachers can use this as a resource to teach each RUP policy in their classrooms. There are ideas and resources for teachers, students, and parents.


DL Teaching the RUP
SAMR Model Technology Integration
SAMR Model Edutopia
Coding 101 Kit for Teachers
Coding Kit for Teachers
Coding Kit for Teachers