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HOSA Middle School Division Chapter News


State Leadership Conference

On March 22-26 2023, The HOSA State Leadership Conference (SLC) was held at SAFE Union Credit Convention Center, Sacramento, but unfortunately, the HOSA trip was canceled on March 17. We were supposed to present our projects to a set of judges to compete for the top 10 places. Though we were not able to go to SLC, we held through the heartbreaking news and kept on with our amazing selves. SLC would’ve been an amazing trip for us, but it was still an amazing experience for all of us to be part of one important role in HOSA.

HOSA Meetings

The HOSA class had several HOSA meetings at AMA and here. The meetings are prepared by mentors from AMA. The first couple of meetings we did ice breakers so we can get to know each other and because our projects weren’t finished. Once we finished our projects the mentors would give us advice on how to improve it.


Hosa Meetings

 The HOSA class this year had several meetings at AMA (Academy of Medical Arts) on the Carson High complex and in the Caroldale library. The meetings were to prepare the HOSA students for SLC by having the mentors from AMA help review, edit, and make suggestions on their projects. 

The first few meeting were used as ice breakers so both HOSA chapters could know each other before working on their projects.

State Leadership Conference

 On March 24-27 2022, the HOSA State Leadership Conference (SLC) was held at the Long Beach Convention Center. During the first two days, our students presented their projects to judges. While waiting for other students to come back from competing, the class was able to play games, buy food, talk, go to the workshops at the center, and even walk around the Pike! On the third day, students went to the convention center later in the day to attend the grand awards ceremony where our students and teams placed 7 in the top 10, 2 in bronze, 2 in silver, and 2 won gold! 







state leadership conference

On April 9, 2021, the HOSA class participated in the State Leadership Conference. They have been preparing projects to compete with other competitors from other schools in California. They attended many workshops, including live ones like It’s Draw Dropping! These workshops throughout the day taught them many different things relating to the medical field. The entire class placed Top 10, with 5 bronze medals, 2 silver medals, and 5 gold medals.




regional leadership conference

On October 17, 2020, the HOSA class attended the Regional Leadership Conference. The conference consisted of multiple fun and engaging workshops that the students participated in during the conference. They all gained a lot of knowledge on stress management, mental health, the medical field, and many more. They also participated in multiple kahoots testing their knowledge from what they've learned so far! Overall, they had a great experience at the Regional Leadership Conference! 




100x officer leadership training series

In October-November 2020, the HOSA officers got an opportunity to go to an Officer Leadership Training Program!

Our HOSA officers had access to a variety of videos and they got to do multiple challenges throughout the program. They were entered into a competition on an app called GooseChase. They needed to complete mini-tasks that gave them points. Our HOSA member Justin De Castro came in 2nd winning a $100 dollar amazon gift card and Abigail Seguin came in 7th!

Each video that was provided to them taught them important lessons, from what an amazing leader is, what type of leader they are, and how to become an amazing leader themselves. They also had live lessons on zoom every week with guest speakers to learn about the importance of leadership and grow as a leader in HOSA. Overall, the HOSA officers learned a lot of unforgettable lessons from the program and it was a great experience!


HOSA Middle School Division Meetings

HOSA meetings occur almost every other Wednesday. Students meet up with the high school students from the Academy of Medical Arts at the Carson Complex (AMA) to prepare for the State Leadership Conference. These high schoolers come to the meetings and give Caroldale HOSA members valuable tips and tricks to excel in all of the various events.

our healthcare heroes!

Health Expo

On February 7th, the HOSA class went on a field trip to AMA for the high schoolers’ Health Expo. Students presented their HOSA projects to the middle schoolers and their peers. The middle school HOSA class listened and watched presentations of the competitive events they were also competing in! 

To start the day at AMA, the class walked to Carson High School with their supervisors. When they first got in, they met up with their mentors. They split up into small groups and were led to a room full of high schoolers ready to present. Each group chose what presentation they wanted to listen to. The class got to hear the events Healthy Lifestyle, Prepared Speaking, Public Health, Extemporaneous Health Poster, Health Career Display, and Health Education. They listened to a variety of presentations, which were all amazing! To pass time, the mentors hosted fun games for the students to play.

After a couple of hours of listening to presentations, the students got hungry and it was finally time for lunch. Their mentors provided them with pizza, beverages, and a variety of chips. Everyone got to bond and talk about what they saw. To end the day, everyone took a group photo! After the students finished eating lunch, they walked to the Carson High parking lot to meet with their school counselor. From there, the students walked safely back to school.

Our Experience at the regional leadership conference

On October 12th, the HOSA class went on a field trip to Rio Hondo College. They did multiple activities, including learning many new things related to the medical field. It was an unforgettable and amazing experience. The class all enjoyed it so much. 

To start the day, HOSA students met up at Carson High School with their mentors. The class enjoyed a breakfast with their mentors and then they walked to a huge conference room with other HOSA students.  At the conference, students learned about the parts of the brain like the frontal and temporal lobes, which was very fascinating. They even got to make our own paper brains! Mentors presented a PowerPoint about the areas and functions of the eye. It was very interesting. They got to do hands-on activities, like testing each other's vision and color-blindness. 

Then it was time for lunch! They were provided sandwiches from Panera and a bunch of snacks. After lunch, they were able to explore the college. There were many health professionals in the area, and the class got to talk to them. They showed the students the many tools they use and what their functions were. They provided the class with multiple pamphlets about a variety of health careers. They also gave students many souvenirs. The day at Rio Hondo was a blast! The students were exposed to new opportunities and gained knowledge in different medical fields.