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7th place - Jabez Farjardo 

8th place - Harjap Badesha


Harjap Badesha
Jabez Farjardo

Prepared Speaking


The competitors competing in this event shall create and present a speech relating to the HOSA Chapter topic. This year's theme is "Unlock Your Potential" When presenting, the student has a maximum of 5 minutes to present. The competitor's speech should show a clear focus that connects to the theme. The presentation should include a strong and impactful message. In addition, the participant must pay attention to the way he/she delivers the speech. Meaning, the speech should be engaging, show excellent diction, eye-contact, hand gestures, and following all the general rule of delivering a powerful speech.


hosa projects 2020-2021

the effects of eczema: jabez farjardo
healthcare in india: harjap badesha

hosa projects 2019-2020

towards tomorrow: abigail seguin
towards tomorrow: claren zapanta