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2021 rankings

3rd - Anjelo Sarmiento

6th - Margaret Yonzon

8th - Anthony Montijo

9th - Alexis Biete

10th - Rich Juson


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Alexis Biete
Alt Text
Rich Juson
Alt Text
Jude Pulanco
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Margaret Yonzon
Alt Text
Justin DeCastro
Alt Text
Anthony Montijo
Alt Text
Anjelo Sarmiento
Alt Text
Claren Zapanta

Math for Health Careers


Math for Health Careers is a testing event, which tests members on selected problems involving math essentials, measurement systems and conversions, calculations and interpreting medical information, and data. This event gives the opportunity to identify and apply mathematical principals used in health careers. It has a total of 35 item multiple choice questions that focuses on these topics. High-order thinking is needed during testing taking time, and it measures knowledge and understanding on the medical topics.