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2021 rankings

4th place - Chanel Puefua 

6th place - Charlene Galang 

7th place - Sebastian Lau

8th place - Harjap Badesha 

10th place - Alysha Lina


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Isabella Arrizon
Alt Text
Jabez Fajardo
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Charlene Galang
Alt Text
Alysha Lina
Alt Text
Alyssa Rodriguez
Alt Text
Harjap Badesha
Alt Text
Jake Galang
Alt Text
Sebastian Lau
Chanel Puefua
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Andrew Temblique



The Nutrition testing event is designed to challenge students to interpret and understand information regarding nutrition and health. The test consists of 50 multiple choice questions in addition to one tie-breaker essay. Students competing in this event are tested on a variety of topics such as vitamins, cultural & religious influences, and food related illnesses or allergies.